How tying the knot gave me a culture shock in my own culture

I am from India. My family has always been among the most educated and progressive sections of society, with the highest exposure to different ideas and people. In the course of being exposed to said people, I developed close friendships with folks who were all from similar backgrounds. …

We can learn a lot about relationships from the Obamas

Every sitcom has that episode where the girlfriend wonders if her boyfriend is going to propose. And in parallel, the boyfriend is asking his friends whether she’s going to say yes. …

Gender roles and prejudices are holding men back from realizing their full potential

I recently watched the movie ‘Fatherhood’ on Netflix. Kevin Hart plays a single father going through the daily ups and downs of raising a daughter while navigating work, friendships and judgemental family members.

The movie starts off immediately after the birth of the baby and shows his initial attempts to…

There are no short term goals in a marriage.

Before my partner and I got married, we pretty much had individual lives. We studied and worked in different cities for years. Health, fitness and side projects were personal goals that never involved the other person. We made the relationship work in tandem with all these other big decisions.


These gems will resonate with you no matter which part of the journey you’re in

Every woman in this world has faced discrimination or disempowerment based on her gender. The patriarchy has created a situation where we have internalized constraints in our own minds. And these constraints are repeatedly reinforced by the people we meet and interact with on a daily basis.

It may have…

Good TV relationships always enhance the overall experience of the show

I love on-screen romances. They’re always interesting to watch and make you feel more personally invested in each of the characters.

I’ve always thought that really good TV couples enhance the entire show itself and make its viewers more emotionally connected to the stories being told. Not all shows and…

Disclaimer: I don’t have kids

My partner has always wanted kids. For a long time, I was against it. This led to years of discussions and debates between us. We’ve talked for countless hours about the reasons to have a kid and the merits of never having one.

During these discussions, the topic of adoption…

I used to think it was about income and housework, but I’m not so sure anymore

Growing up, I obsessively noticed couples around me to understand their relationship dynamics. It’s something I’ve always been interested in.

As a kid, I was always disappointed by the fact that every adult couple I knew seemed so unequal. The man went to work and earned money. The woman took…

An interesting mental model from the book “Attached”

I love mental models and frameworks. They give me a fresh sense of perspective and a tool to understand the seemingly chaotic world around me. They also provide an opportunity for introspection and understanding ourselves better.

Mental models also guide your perception and behavior. They are the thinking tools that…

I’m finally learning to take life lightly

I’ve always been an anxious person. I’m very particular about where things around the house are kept, how clean the kitchen surfaces are, how punctual I am to appointments.

On the outside, these sound like good qualities to have, right? I appear to be an organized and disciplined person.


Aditi Balaji

Writing about relationships. feminism and books. I’m an introvert, a fantasy/sci-fi nerd, and a dog mom.

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